Work with us

Jagori was established in 1984. An active member of the Indian feminist and women’s movement from the early eighties, Jagori has since deployed its feminist and rights-based discourse and praxis among the wide-ranging civil society network that it is rooted in.
Jagori is guided by its vision of contributing to a collective process of building a just society through feminist values. Jagori’s mission is to deepen feminist consciousness with a wide range of partners and women leaders from marginalised urban and rural areas in support of women’s rights. 
Jagori works on issues of ending violence against women, rights and entitlements, leadership development and deepening feminist consciousness. From pioneering the feminist training methodology in India and designing feminist resources targeted at rural and/or neo-literate women, to developing evidence based strategies for the Safe Cities programme in India, Jagori has developed holistically over the decades.
Its multi-pronged spectrum of feminist intervention includes action research studies, social and safety audits, counselling and referral services for survivors of violence, para-legal work, capacity building and sensitization of stakeholders, and community leadership building in urban resettlement colonies.
Simultaneously, Jagori’s thematic canvass comprises intersecting and crucial issues such as domestic workers’ rights, public infrastructure, essential services and gender sensitive governance. 


  1. Project Associate (Violence Intervention)
  2. Project Associate (Training)
  3. Project Associate (Gender Mainstreaming)
  4. Accounts Assistant