Water and sanitation in urban resettlement colonies

Stagnant pools of water, overflowing drains, garbage piling up on street sides, stunted children and dazed adults yet to reconcile with the exodus forced on them in 2004 — these are common sights at the Bawana J. J. Colony, seven years after several thousand families were resettled in this far corner of North-West Delhi from Yamuna Pushta, R. K. Puram and Vasant Vihar.

Water and sanitation: Structural and institutional arrangements

This radio programme depicts structural and institutional arrangements that are required to provide quality water and sanitation (WATSAN) services in a resettlement colony of north-west Delhi. Zahida and Inaam, residents of Bawana resettlement colony describe the water and sanitation facilities available in their colony. Available infrastructures are quite meager, bad in shape and also not friendly for women.