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This space includes training and workshop reports, training manuals, training principles etc


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Training with Gender Resource Centres

Three trainings were conducted in 2009 with Gender Resource Centres in New Delhi with program coordinators, counsellors, and social activists.

GRC Training with Program coordinators

GRC Training with counsellors

GRC Training on legal awareness in order to build skills of social activists to become para-legal workers


Gender Development Courses

Jagori conducts an annual National Gender Development Course. Formerly known as the Gender Basic Course (GBC), this course is organized for grassroot level and community activists. With the objective to clarify different concepts and understand the interrelation with prime social events today, it also equips participants with a perspective to monitor and evaluate themselves and everything around them. The GBC has always been the platform to form and strengthen networks and play an active role with the women’s movement.

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National Workshop on Safer Cities for Women: Perspectives, Methodology and Tools: A Report

A three day workshop was organised by Jagori (August 19th- 21st,2011), the aim of which was to share the tools developed and tested with select women’s movement partners in the country with the hope to catalyze new initiatives and strengthen existing ones. This platform was organized in support of UN Women (UNIFEM), UNTF to end violence against women, UN Habitat, EED and ICCO.

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Legal kit for police

Discussion and debate with police functionaries in the past few years have led to the emergence of a number of issues. One of the main issues is the lack of knowledge among the lower rung of officers. As per procedure, they should be informed about new developments in various legal provisions however the reality is that such information is not provided to them. Keeping this in mind, Jagori has brought out this legal kit for police, (in Hindi) which includes all legal provisions related to crimes committed against women.

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Kesla leadership camp

As part of building capabilities of the women leaders’ working under PRADAN’s operational areas women’s leadership camps were organized in in four States: Jharkhand, Madhya Pradesh, Orissa and West Bengal. The aim of these camps is to bring together the grassroots women leaders to one platform to learn, exchange ideas and experiences and enhance their knowledge and capacities to take forward the vision of enabling marginalized women to have access to their entitlements with gender perspective and advocate for their rights. This report is from one of the camps held at Kesla, Madhya Pradesh from October 10 to 14, 2011.

Kesla leadership training camp

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