Info Packs

Rights and Dignity : Women Domestic Workers in India

This info pack focuses on the socio-economic conditions of women domestic workers in India. It consists of reading material covering issues and debates related to domestic work and workers that can be used by activists, women’s groups and researchers. The packet consists of newspaper clippings and articles (including articles by scholars and researchers) covering different aspects of domestic work and lives of domestic workers – the living conditions, scale of domestic work, vulnerabilities of domestic workers such as no fixed working hours and no fixed wages. It also provides a brief list of organisations working with domestic workers in India.

Break The Silence

This info pack focuses on the issue of public violence against women and includes tools, materials and analyses that can be used by activists, women´s groups and others in their campaigns. The packet consists of newspaper clippings and public responses on incidents of violence, conceptual frameworks to understand sexual violence, a fact sheet on dispelling myths surrounding sexual assault, reports of public violence faced by Dalit women and the role men can play in the struggle against sexual violence.


This info pack brings together the different positions and debates in the last few years on the issue of sex work. It contains articles on the debates and discourses around the definition of prostitution and sex work, international positions on the issue, positions from Indian organisations and sex work collectives, and materials on legal frameworks and discourses in India and some selected countries.

World Social Forum

This info pack contains information on the origins and history of the WSF process, a report of the Asian Social Forum in early 2003 and reports on mobilisation against neo-liberal globalisation across the world. It also includes complete information about the vision, structure, logistics, themes, programme format, women´s initiatives with a list of contact persons of the functional committees for the forthcoming WSF 2004 and how one can join the WSF process.